This program focuses on seniors in need at Christmas or seniors who might be alone. We partner with the Flamborough Review and the Flamborough Food Bank.  The Flamborough Review promotes the program in their paper and we receive a list of recipients from the food bank and other community organizations. Each organization also collects gifts specifically for seniors. Each senior is contacted to obtain a wishlist, then we try to match the donations with the wishlists. The donations come from the general public or specific groups who wish to help seniors.

If you are interested in helping out at Christmas please contact our office at 905-689-7880 and we can match you with a particular senior.

SAM (Seniors Activation Maintenance Program)

The SAM program is a day program for seniors and adults with diminished abilities. If you would like further information, please call (905) 525-5632.  SAM Flamborough is located at:
Notre Dame Centre, 1921 Snake Road, Waterdown, ON


The Sendial Program was created to help seniors who are unable to leave their homes to shop for themselves because of a disability, an inability to walk, a recent operation or difficulty navigating stairs – to name a few reasons.
A volunteer will call you at your home, talk with you, get a list of the groceries you need.   The next day, a volunteer will shop for your groceries and deliver them to your house.   You will pay the volunteer by cheque, the amount of your groceries when they deliver them..
There is a $5.00 delivery fee added to the cost of your groceries for each order. For more information or to register call 906-689-7880


The Senior Driver Renewal Program requires that senior drivers, aged 80 years and over, pay the applicable licensing fee, complete a vision test and a knowledge test and take part in a group education session every two years. A small number of drivers may also be asked to take a road test to have their in-car skills assessed. The vision and knowledge tests will be completed at the same time and place as the Group Education Session. An appointment is required for the vision and knowledge tests and the Group Education Session.
When you receive your renewal application in the mail you must contact the MTO Regional Scheduling Office in your area to schedule an appointment. Please have your driver’s licence number available when you call. The number to call to schedule an appointment is :1-800-396-4233.
***Tests are held the 1st Thursday of each month at Alexander Place at 10 am
329 Parkside Dr., Waterdown.


Snow Angels

In 2003, the City of Hamilton introduced a By-Law enforcing a fine to residents of Hamilton who have not cleared their city sidewalks of snow within 24 hrs of the end of a snowfall. However it was recognized that low-income seniors and the disabled would have difficulty in clearing their snow, To alleviate the ramifications of this by-law, the City of Hamilton initiated a volunteer snow removal service and in partnership with Volunteer Hamilton developed The Snow Angels Awareness Program. In 2008 the program was extended to include Volunteer Flamborough.

Who can receive this service and how?
In order to receive this service, the Hamilton resident must be:

  • 65 yrs of age or older who currently receive the seniors Tax Credit

  • A resident with a disability documented by an Ontario Disability support Program cheque stub (ODSP), a wheelchair parking pass or a doctor’s note regardless of age.

  • All interested residents will be assessed for financial eligibility.

You may apply by calling Volunteer Flamborough or Flamborough Information and Community Services 905-689-7880.

Who can volunteer and how?
Anyone 14 years of age or older, who is physically able to participate in the task of snow removal, may volunteer for the program. Volunteers are required to complete an application form, which can be obtained by calling Volunteer Flamborough or Flamborough Information & Community Services

Each volunteer is screened via personal references and attends an orientation. The volunteer once screened and accepted into the program is then matched with an eligible service recipient who is living within a reasonable distance to the volunteer. The volunteer must agree to the geographical location before being matched.

Once the volunteer agrees to a specific address the service recipient is informed that a volunteer has been found for them and the match is made. From this point on, the service recipient can expect their snow to be removed from their city sidewalk, the windrow at the base of the driveway and the main walkway to their home, within 24 hours AFTER the snowfall has ceased. Once the job is completed, the Snow Angel leaves a ‘Snow Angel post card’ in the service recipient’s mailbox just to let them know that their ‘Angel was there’.

This very worthwhile activity lends itself very well to ‘group’ volunteering from such organizations as minor hockey teams, skating clubs, armed services cadets, scouts and guides etc. High school students doing their 40 hours community service are also encouraged to participate either as individuals or as a class.

The Snow Angels program is a great way for youth to ‘give back’ to their community and participate in the joy of volunteerism. I would be very happy to meet with you or your organization to discuss this opportunity further and hopefully engage your group in this service to local seniors and persons with disabilities.