55 Alive

At the age of 80, the Ministry of Transportation requires all seniors to write a written examination in order to maintain their drivers’ license. This course will help to update the skills needed to pass this test. For information on the 55 Alive course held in Waterdown, call FICS 905-689-7880

SAM (Seniors Activation Maintenance Program)

Notre Dame Centre, 1921 Snake Road, Waterdown. The SAM program is a day program for seniors and adults with diminished abilities. Call 905-525-5632


If you are unable to go out of your home a FICS volunteer will call you to get a grocery list, then shop and deliver the groceries to your home.  Call 905-689-7880

Seniors Community Connection Program

The purpose of Wesley’s Seniors Community Connections Is to help seniors overcome barriers, navigate the complex web of services present in health and social services systems and to connect them with peers and other members of the community In social settings. Services include, home visits, initial and ongoing needs assessments, coordination of services, advocacy and referrals, social supports, individual action plans, workshops, activities and trips. Contact FICS 905-689-7880 for more information

Seniors Computer Training

Short introductory one on one class for seniors to learn how to use computers to get on the Internet, to send email, and Microsoft Word. Held at the FICS office in the Millgrove Library. 857 Millgrove Side Rd. in Millgrove. For information and to register for a class call 905-689-7880 (FICS will be moving to 163 Dundas St. E. when the new library is complete).

Senior Driver Renewal Program

The Senior Driver Renewal Program requires that senior drivers, aged 80 years and over, pay the applicable licensing fee, complete a vision test and a knowledge test and take part in a group education session every two years. A small number of drivers may also be asked to take a road test to have their in-car skills assessed. The vision and knowledge tests will be completed at the same time and place as the Group Education Session. An appointment is required for the vision and knowledge tests and the Group Education Session. When you receive your renewal application in the mail you must contact the MTO Regional Scheduling Office in your area to schedule an appointment. Please have your driver’s license number available when you call. The numbers to call are: 1-888-276-7885 or (519) 873-4276
When calling request the Waterdown location (Alexander Place 329 Parkside Dr.) This is generally the first Thursday of the month

Seniors Peer Connector Program

Volunteers age 55+ provide in home social support and assistance. Do you know an isolated senior who could benefit from this program? Are you a senior (55+) who would like to support other seniors? Contact FICS 905-689-7880 for more information.

Seniors Support Worker (FICS)

Based on the individual’s needs, this no-fee service provides support, guidance and advocacy on a range of seniors-related issues and concerns. The Seniors’ Worker matches needs and eligibility to available services which, in turn, maximizes independence. A senior living independently often needs assistance in finding someone to:
• Do home maintenance jobs
• Help with filling in government forms
• Assist with changing accommodation
• Facilitate home health support and caregiver relief
• Assist someone who feels they are victims of elder abuse
FICS partners with other organizations to provide health and safety education. Stop by our office at the Waterdown Library, 163 Dundas St. E., Waterdown or call  905-689-7880

Snow Angels

Volunteers will clear the snow on the sidewalk in front of the seniors’ house. This helps the senior to adhere to the City of Hamilton’s snow removal bi-law. Call 905-689-7880

Taxi Scrip

The Taxi Scrip program provides discounted coupons for use with any taxi company within the City of Hamilton. Users book service directly with the taxi company at their convenience. Users must be registered with Accessible Transportation Services and must be prepared to show the taxi driver their personal ATS Photo Identification Card each time a taxi trip is taken. The Taxi Scrip program is available to persons with disabilities who are unable to access regular transit service.
To register for the Taxi Scrip program, call and an application form will be mailed to you 905 528-4200