OurHistoryIn September of 1975, the Community Services branch of the Greater Hamilton YMCA was approached by several concerned residents from the Town of Waterdown over a number of apparent community problems. It was mutually agreed that a study of the Town be undertaken to gain a better understanding of the area’s needs and to make recommendations for change. A good cross section of the population (over 100 individuals in all age groups except pre-teen) were represented in the study with most displaying genuine interest in and concern for this project.

In January 1976, this completed report was sent to those involved in the initial survey interviews as well as other community residents. Following this, a meeting was held to bring those interested residents together as a planning committee to review the report and act on prioritized recommendations.

An important issue articulated by the planning committee was the fact that Waterdown was becoming increasingly urbanized. Therefore there was growing importance to begin work on existing problems and more where possible to develop preventative measures.

Particular interest was noted by the planning committee in concentrating efforts towards the formation of an Information Service to provide co-ordination and prevent duplication of existing services.

In April 1976, a meeting was held with representation from Dundas Information Service to help in the formulation of plans for such a service in Waterdown. Further plans developed with the assistance of Central Information Services in Hamilton and Ancaster Information Services. Visits were made by the planning committee to these centres for advice and guidance as to how this type of service could best benefit the community and steps to take before beginning operations.

Invitations were extended to various members of the community such as media, service clubs, high schools, churches, and businesses to serve as volunteer members of a Board that would oversee the operations of the service. The organization Information Services Flamborough was now incorporated under the name Information Flamborough.

After the initial meetings of the Board in the fall of 1976, resource people from Central Information and the YMCA were invited to act as advisors in the development of tasks to be done. It was decided at this time that the Board would move in the following directions:

a) find a suitable location
b) organize volunteer training
c) seek initial funding


The board spent a considerable length of time and encountered certain difficulties in establishing a location. Finally space was donated by the Lions Club and operations began in November 1977 at Memorial Hall.

Due to lack of accessibility for walk-in inquiries, the service was moved to 15 Mill Street South, Waterdown in June 1978. In May 1987 Information Flamborough moved to 315 Dundas Street East in Waterdown, where it had remained until 2002, except for a six-month relocation while Chestnut Grove (the old Fraser House) was being renovated).

In the summer of 2002, the City of Hamilton decided to move all of the community organizations (except for the Red Cross which moved to their own new location at Hamilton Street) from Chestnut Grove, to the old Flamborough Town Hall. June of 2011 we were moved to the kitchen of the Millgrove Library as a temporary home until the new Waterdown Library was constructed. In December 2015 we moved back to the Waterdown location and are a part of the new library and community hub.