In partnership with Dundas Community Services we have received a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to improve and enhance the information and referral (I&R) system in our two communities.



Our project will improve the efficiency with which our collective of information centres in Dundas and Flamborough organizes and shares our community information records. Our agencies have developed a customized information and referral database specifically for the communities of Flamborough and Dundas. The type of information records will be specific to local programs and services that are specific to our localities, home maintenance, local small businesses, snow removal services, fix-it services who offer, services clubs, medical and alternative health care professionals. We have developed a database management system that allows us to easily collect, organize, and share information specific to our communities and support our existing information and referral services. This information is only accessible by phone so call either Dundas Community Services  ( 905 627 5461) or Flamborough Information and Community Services for your local information.